Thinking of Skipping a Holiday?

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Thinking of Skipping a Holiday?…… Don’t!

So many of us have had our holiday plans cancelled due to the pandemic. Those who know me know that travel is my real passion and every year I try to squeeze in as many breaks in the sun as I possibly can.  2020 has really tested my resilience both professionally and personally and my motto of work hard/play hard has been side-lined completely and replaced with all work and no play. Trips including my 50th celebration in the Maldives, my annual girls weekend to Spain, my teenage friendly holiday to Turkey and a sneaky

week in the Bahamas which wasn’t scheduled until the end of the year have all been cancelled – my vitamin D deficiency is out of control!

Feeling despondent it’s easy to think “I’ll keep working all the hours I can, I don’t need a break” however I was spurred on by an article by Rebecca Zucker in The Harvard Business Review on work-life balance who wrote –

Don’t give in to this limited thinking. Several studies indicate that performance nose-dives when we work for extended periods without a break. In addition, the benefits of taking a vacation are clear: It results in improved productivity, lower stress and better overall mental health. It also spurs greater creativity — for example, Lin-Manuel Miranda conceived of Hamilton while on vacation.

Research on elite athletes shows that rest is what enables them to perform at peak levels, and the same is true for us. Taking a vacation allows us to come back feeling refreshed and recharged, with renewed focus. Some companies are even requiring employees to take time off. Vacations may even help your personal bottom line: Research shows that those who take more than 10 days of vacation are 30% more likely to receive a raise, and those who take regular vacations have greater job satisfaction.

Great advice Rebecca!  Here are a few top tips of my own to inspire those who are thinking of planning a trip.

Travel is a Stress Buster – Mental Health is a major topic right now, and so it should be! Stress has a major role in depression and heart problems. If the past few months are having an impact this could be a perfect time to plan a getaway.

Having Something to Look Forward to  – Sometimes hope and having something to look forward to in the future is enough to keep us going. Daydreaming about the potential of these happy future experiences can result in us being filled with anticipation and excitement. In fact leading psychologists believe, a healthy sense of “anticipation” can often help energise our lives and help us get through tough times.

Life Is Short – It really is! Our lives can change in the blink of an eye. And whilst it’s important to be committed and contentious don’t keep putting things off because of work. Maybe it’s time to be a little selfish and put you and your family first.

Body Mind and Soul – Even if you plan to spend a lazy week in the sun with the latest best seller you do get more exercise when you travel. A dip in the pool or a stroll to the beach can invigorate and create those endorphins which make us feel so much happier.

A Time to Unplug –  When we do temporarily kick the tech addiction and unplug on holiday we return to the office refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle, yep, more work! When we don’t, medical and mental health professionals warn that we’re not doing ourselves any good. We can suffer from poor concentration, interrupted sleep and sloppy posture all from not properly switching off.  It’s time to ditch the iPhone, kick back and relax.

Quality Time with Your Family – Finding time to balance your family life can be tricky. Family holidays are the perfect time to have fun together and reconnect, particularly during this time when your loved ones may have had many disappointments and challenges to face themselves. Holidays are also a great opportunity to create lasting, positive memories engaging with the ones you love.

When you’re ready to start planning your next trip, the team here at Jigsaw Travel would love to help.  So get in touch, be inspired and get packing….. You’ll be glad you did!

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