Megan Jamieson, Joined Jigsaw Travel 2014

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How long have you worked in the Travel Industry?

Jigsaw was my first ever job! At the tender age of 18 I joined the team as a Modern Apprentice; from there I was moulded into the company… literally ‘pieced’ together (pun intended). I‘ve been here over 5 years now, time flies when you’re having fun.


What is a typical day like at Jigsaw Travel?

Lots of flights, Lots of Laughs and most importantly, lots of biscuits!!

I really enjoy all the lovely clients I get to chat with every day and helping them with their business travels: booking Flights, Hotels and Trains etc.

We get to know our travellers really well and this allows us to have a more personal approach to managing their travels.


Where has been your favourite place to visit?

Definitely Mykonos – the island is absolutely stunning. I’m dying to go back and watch the beautiful sunset again.

A trip that really blew me away was Prague; I wasn’t expecting it to be such a fairy-tale city… cheap beer too!

Think about if you won the lottery and money was no object where you would like to visit?

Private Jet. Desert Island. Bradly Cooper… and my dog, of course!


What frustrates you about the travel industry?

Delays!! I wish airlines would run more smoothly, it’s something that’s totally out of our hands and can be pretty frustrating for our customers on tight schedules…

We do our best to make sure it’s as painless as possible for travellers and they are on their way as soon as possible!


If you could travel with 5 companions (alive or dead) who would they be and why?

NOT Leo or Kate, that’s for sure!! Got to be:

1. Jamie Genevieve, for all glam purposes.

2. Gino D’Acampo, to keep us well fed.

3. Lewis Capaldi, for entertainment value.

4. Jack Whitehall..

5. And his dad!! (I loved their show travels with my father)
What would you say the big benefits are of booking with a travel agent rather than online?

Firstly, we do all the hard work for you – so why not!

Jigsaw Travel are a friendly face and a safe pair of hands if you encounter any difficulties (pesky delays!).

We take care of all of the little things that take up your time: Everything from airport parking and gluten free meals to chauffeur drive.


Tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know.

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I am really into Rock music…

I have seen some of the greats over the years, such as: AC/DC, Kiss and Slash

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