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How long have you worked in the Travel Industry?

I started my journey in the Travel Industry over 12 years ago now (wow, that makes me feel old!)

Whilst studying for my HND in Travel & Tourism, I worked part time in First Choice building my knowledge on all things travel.

A few years later, I joined the online team at Barrhead travel selling leisure holidays and it was from there I found my calling in their Business Travel department.

Having now worked at Jigsaw Travel for over 8 years my business travel career has went from strength to strength and I now find I am a seasoned pro all things Corporate Travel.

What is a typical day like at Jigsaw Travel?

No two days are ever the same, that’s for sure. There’s always lots of hard work but we are also partial to a bad lunch Friday.. (McDonalds anyone?)

We always make sure the clients are looked after to the highest standard. It is great that we have such a lovely relationship with our clients we speak to them on a regular basis so they feel like part of the Jigsaw Team.

Our Motto is “Work Had Play Hard” as you will probably see from our social media!!

Where has been your favourite place to visit?

Having just returned from my Honeymoon in Singapore, Bali and Kuala Lumpur a firm favourite of mine has got to be Singapore…

The only way I can describe would be a mix of New York and Dubai and the best views: Shows, food and best cocktails I have had in my life!

The highlight has got to be the Roof Top Swimming pool at the Marina Bay Sands!

A close second however, would be my trip to Orlando including a visit to all of the Harry Potter attractions.

 Think about if you won the lottery and money was no object where you would like to visit.

Oh, That is a hard question.  I think I would do a round the world Cruise.

I love seeing as many places as possible and try to never visit the same place twice!

Or depending on what I win, maybe I could buy my own Super yacht… a girl can dream!!

What frustrates you about the travel industry

Ever changing Airline/Supplier polices. Every week there does seem to be one extra thing to remember..

I.E. Seat Reservation Charges, Baggage polices, Visa’s etc.. It is good to keep the brain ticking and keep us on our toes though!!

If you could travel with 5 companions (alive or dead) who would they?

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Hermione Granger
  3. Ron Weasley
  4. Dumbledore
  5. Bellatrix Lestrange

What would you say the big benefits are of booking with a travel agent rather than online?

We do all the legwork for you, no need to spend time scrolling the internet and comparison websites.. we have all of the information at our fingertips.

Send us your travel requirements and we will get back to you with a variety of options that focus on cost and convenience.

Also, as we are a small team of 7 when you call or email you will always speak to a real person, we get to know all the things you like/don’t like and therefore offer a truly personal service.

Tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know

Most people probably won’t realise I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan. Every year I re-watch every film.

Somewhat of a Christmas tradition much to the horror of my new Hubby. And I have just finished reading all of the books for the millionth time!

 Come to think of it a few people might know I am a Harry Potter fan … as this was the theme of my Hen Party!

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