Our Top Tips for Travelling During the Festive Season

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Back in the days when people put their Christmas Trees up 10 days before the big day and started planning their journeys around the first week in December, the Festive Season was a much shorter celebration.  In these changed days it is essential to be prepared and tackle the congestion head on.

It’s the Busiest Time of Year on the Road

Heavy traffic could ruin your plans, so allow plenty of time to get to the airport or train station and plan your route in advance. Avoid rush hour traffic if you can, it’s better to arrive at the airport early and relaxed.

Travelling with Gifts

If you are flying to your destination and don’t have access to a Flying Santa Sleigh for your gifts, check your allowance and book any excess baggage in advance. Leave the wrapping until you arrive at your destination. A random security check could result in your presents being unwrapped.  Party poppers and fireworks may be part of your usual Christmas celebrations, but they won’t be permitted on planes. Many airlines don’t allow Christmas crackers either, so double check before you fly.

Grab a Bargain

Figures from Trainline show people booking 6 weeks ahead will save 45% more on a trip from Birmingham to London, 50% more on a trip from London to Coventry and 53% more if travelling between Liverpool and London.

According to Skyscanner Data, the best time to buy a Christmas flight is eleven weeks prior to departure, meaning you could have already missed out on any bargains.

Stay Calm

Traveling during the Christmas holiday period is almost always going to be more hectic and stressful than travelling at other times. Remember everyone is in the same boat as you and it is the season of goodwill to all men, so smile if someone barges in front of you and be patient whilst queuing it will all be worthwhile when you reach your destination in time to enjoy the best time of the year with your family and friends.

Check the Weather

Traditionally it’s the worst time of the year for travel disruption due to weather and whilst there is absolutely nothing you can do to control this, check the forecast regularly before you set off and allow yourself plenty of time for last minute hiccups.

Keep your Home Safe & Well

Burglars have a trained eye for identifying homes which look empty, so cancel the milk, set timers to your lights, consider using Royal Mail’s Keep safe service to avoid piles of post building up and ask a friendly neighbour to keep an eye on the place. There are a few things you can do to prevent damage inside as well. Leaving your heating on a low setting can avoid burst pipes and make sure your pipes and boiler are fully insulated.

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