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How long have you worked in the Travel Industry?

I started my career in travel 17 years ago at a young age of 16! I was offered an apprenticeship with Thomas Cook and jumped at the chance as travel was always something I wanted to do.

Over the years I had several roles: Mentor, Customer Service Manager and Senior Sales Agent and after 14 years at Cook’s I decided to venture more into the Business side of travel.

I started in Jigsaw Travel 3 years ago and feel that I’ve settled well into the team. The fast pace of Corporate travel certainly keeps me on my toes and I love the challenges each day brings.


What is a typical day like at Jigsaw Travel?

You learn something new every day at Jigsaw! The world of travel is ever changing..

It’s a really fun place to work and our clients are all lovely, I really enjoy helping them with their day to day travels and most importantly providing excellent customer service.


Where has been your favourite place to visit?

Disney’s Castaway Cay – A private island in the Bahamas exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests. The scenery is just beautiful, crystal clear waters and white sands…It would really take your breath away.

I even met captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean (Although I wish I could say it was Johnny Depp) There are loads of activities on the island whether you are with the family or your partner. You can hire beach Cabana’s or simply relax on one of the comfortable loungers. I wish I could have spent longer on the island as it really did blow me away.


Think about if you won the lottery and money was no object where you would like to visit?

This is a tough one.. there would be so much I would love to do and see..

I would hire a private jet and fly all my family to the Maldives and hire out a whole island to ourselves – go big or go home!


What frustrates you about the travel industry?

Airlines charging for seats is a nightmare! I believe when you buy a ticket for any flight your seat choice should be included.

When I started in travel, all airlines would always allocate a family/group together… This is a thing of the past as now if you don’t pre book your seats there is a high chance you will be sat at opposite ends of the aircraft. However, some scheduled airlines will allocate you seats free of charge which is a great selling point!


If you could travel with 5 companions (alive or dead) who would they be and why.

Holly Willoughby, I do love a girly chat…

Gino D’Acampo, good looking and can cook …what more do you need!

Michael McIntyre- I love his show and he certainly would keep me smiling.

Lewis Capaldi, he would get my chat as he’s Scottish and could sing me to sleep lol

Last but not least: My Hubby – Soppy I know, but having only been married for two years we are still in the honeymoon period


What would you say the big benefits are of booking with a travel agent rather than online?

Jigsaw Travel offers 24 hour support and between us all have over 100 years travel experience so why not? Let us do all the hard work for you.

We take care of all of the little things and help make your holiday/business arrangements as stress free as possible.


Tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know?

I try to play it cool but I do love Mrs Hinch! The office get Zalflora’d on a regular basis… I’m off to get my marigolds on!!

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