Caitlin McGillivray, Joined Jigsaw Travel 2015

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How long have you worked in the Travel Industry?
I’ve worked in the travel industry for 4 years now, my previous job before Jigsaw was working as a crew member in McDonalds.
I was a modern apprentice for my first 2 years at Jigsaw, where I learned all things travel and admin!

What is a typical day like at Jigsaw Travel?
No two days are the same here at Jigsaw, always kept busy with our lovely clients, we like to be kept on our toes.
We are creatures of habit here at Jigsaw Travel, we actually have set times every day where someone puts the kettle on and gets the goodies out!!

Where has been your favourite place to visit?
My favourite place I’ve visited, hands down, has got to be Dubai – I was mesmerised with the detail of the buildings, stunning views and lots of shopping!
For my partners 21st we went cage diving in the Dubai Mall with the sharks in the aquarium, it was an amazing experience.
I’m off to Orlando in September so let’s see if the thrills of the theme parks could sway my verdict!

Think about if you won the lottery and money was no object where you would like to visit.
Little outrageous but… I would hire a professional makeup artist and fashion designer and fly them over to Brazil in a Private Jet.
Where I would then get engrossed in The Rio De Janeiro Carnival and preform on one of the biggest floats!

What frustrates you about the travel industry?
Fluid pricing! It’s a pain for us all – the price you see online isn’t always the price when you confirm…
It definitely pays to have a good relationship with an agent who can help try and avoid these issue.

If you could travel with 5 companions (alive or dead) who would they be and why.
Ahh this is a hard one!!
1. Ellen DeGeneres for sheer entertainment purposes
2. Beyoncé – My absolute role model in life plus her voice is a bonus!
3. James Cordon – So we can carpool karaoke to every destination
4. Jason Derulo – one of my all-time favourite musicians!
5. My dog Leo! So sad but true
What would you say the big benefits are of booking with a travel agent rather than online?
I would say a definite benefit of booking with Jigsaw Travel is that we have a great aftercare team (Me!)
I’m here to make sure that all your travel needs are taken care of and any trip is seamless from start to finish.
From seat reservations and advance passenger information to chauffeur bookings, I’m all over it!

Tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know!
My nickname in the office is: Calamity Jane.. Believe it or not I’m a bit of a klutz!
Forever spilling my tea and falling over nothing lol!

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