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British Airways/M&S On Board Dining *** Spending Avios On-Board***

What’s your preference – 167 Bacon Sandwiches or a Business Class Trip across the Atlantic?

Without a doubt British Airways offers one of the best frequent flyer programs allowing loyal customers to receive free flights to a wide range of destinations.

Following the introduction of paying for meals on-board in conjunction with M&S customers can also redeem their points for a range of edibles from bacon sandwiches to wasabi peas – many would see this as a great benefit but closer investigation would suggest that there are better ways to redeem your rewards!

Redeeming 100,000 Avios Points will give you a free Club World ticket to New York (taxes are applicable) which has a retail value of approximately £3k.

Use the same 100,000 Avios Points for on-board snacks and you could enjoy 167 Bacon Sandwiches, 500 boxes of Wasabi Peas or 667 Kits-Kats each with an approx. cost value of £800.

So what would you prefer? A flat bed business class seat in the luxurious Club World cabin or 500 boxes of wasabi peas?

My top tip – save your Avios points and treat yourself to some free flights!

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